Don’t be scare of Uranus: Best Way Against Uranus

Don’t be scare of Uranus: Best Way Against Uranus

Don’t be scare of Uranus, even if it seems like it has too much power to handle! Heroes out there are ready to beat him all the way to the ground. Out of the top three, Esmeralda is one of the most well-known. Let’s take a look at the other three.

Don’t be scare of Uranus: Also known as “The Radiant Warrior,” Silvanna

Taking on Uranus is something Silvanna is not likely to back down from, especially when it comes to facing his enemy. Because she can use magic to hurt people and have an effect on the battlefield, she is a very tough opponent to beat.

With her first skill, Cometic Lance, she can poke Uranus from a safe distance. With her second ability, Spiral Strangling, she can make it harder for him to get away from her anger by limiting his movement. Also, keep in mind that her ultimate, Imperial Justice, can lock him down and deal a lot of damage.

You should turn to Silvanna as your hero whenever you are up against Uranus to stay in charge and keep him in check.

Don’t be scare of Uranus: The witch who controls the Twilight is called Lunox.

Venus is a tough opponent for Uranus because Lunox has a unique set of skills that she brings to the table. The fact that she can change between light and dark forms lets her handle any situation and keeps Uranus on his toes.

The skills she uses when she is in light form heal and protect her. Which helps her deal with Uranus’s constant bothersome behaviour. She also becomes a burst damage force when she changes into her dark form. Which lets her quickly use up Uranus’s health pool.

Because she is flexible and can change the way things happen in battle, Lunox is a great choice for taking out Uranus and making sure your team wins.

This is Karrie: The Star That Was Lost.

Even though Karrie isn’t very tall, she is very strong when it comes to Uranus. Because of her passive ability, Lightwheel Mark. She can get around Uranus’s defences and use her basic weapons to do real damage.

In addition, her second ability, Speedy Lightwheel, speeds up her progress. Also, lets her kite Uranus effectively, keeping her out of his reach while also lowering his health.

Karrie is a reliable choice for teams that want to stop the other team’s offlaner and take objectives. She is the best choice because she can easily destroy tanks like Uranus.

To sum up, there is a hero for every problem.

Even though Esmeralda might be the best way to fight Uranus. It’s important not to forget about these other heroes who are more than up to the task. In every fight against Uranus, there is a hero that can use. Whether it’s Silvanna’s ability to control the area, Lunox’s ability to do many things. Or, Karrie’s ability to keep doing damage. Get your Mobile legends VTBET group together and show Uranus who the real boss is!